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The food products industry is fast-paced, heavily regulated and constantly changing. The primary role of MWFPA is to influence public policy issues such as food safety, sanitation, environmental regulations, transportation, fees and much more. Membership in MWFPA is a partnership that focuses on the member’s needs!

We are delighted to announce that our association has now officially changed its name from the Midwest Food Processors Association to the Midwest Food Products Association.

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Why Join MWFPA?

Why should processors and industry suppliers join MWFPA? Watch the video below which captures the views of various MWFPA members on what it means to be associated with our group and the benefits of belonging.

Careers in the Food Products Industry

The Midwest food manufacturing industry offers employees a varied assortment of career prospects at vibrant, world class companies. Employees can launch their careers and grow professionally in one of the largest and most important industries in the world. Watch the Midwest Food Products Association's video about industry careers here.

MWFPA Insurance Program

MWFPA Insurance

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MWFPA Insurance

MWFPA Is A Proud Partner In PACKEXPO East

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Cleaning and Sanitation in Food Plants

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What We can do for you

The Midwest Food Products Association Inc. offers many valuable services to its members. MWFPA maintains an office in Madison, Wisconsin, and carries on the following activities through its professional staff, in accordance with policies established by its Board of Directors and committees.

Government Relations

MWFPA represents the industry before the Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Legislatures, and serves as liaison between the industry and state and federal administrative agencies on environmental matters, business practices, safety concerns, transportation, and other issues.


Through advisory committees, the MWFPA supports continuing industry education by sponsoring issue-specific seminars, workshops, and conferences and provides scholarships in food science and agriculture through the University of Wisconsin.

Safety Program

A safety contest, based on OSHA data in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin food processing plants, is conducted by MWFPA with monthly reports of incident rates for participating plants. The plants with the best safety records receive recognition at the MWFPA annual convention in December of each year.


MWFPA hosts an annual 2 day convention in November/December of each year where experts in the food industry conduct presentations/seminars and representatives from allied industries share solutions, ideas and new innovations to improve members’ competitiveness.


MWFPA makes annual grants to universities to support research affecting the industry on crops, processing methods, and waste disposal.

Insurance Programs

MWFPA members have access to a customized Property and Casualty insurance program created specifically for the food manufacturing industry.